Building DGs Streaming Rig

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The whole rig was built by Dark Guardian himself, you can find all the pics from the build as well as few videos down below.

This setup is being kept up to date so will keep updating this post with any additional changes as and when they happen. A lot of time has been put into this rig as not only are all components of the highest quality but also they needed individual tweaking / overclocking for all this to work as intended.


Water cooling is a massive part of this system so it can keep everything as cool as possible hence this rig is running not 1 but 2 massive 420 mm EKWB radiators.


x1 420mm radiator is mounted on the front of the case with x3 EKWB 140 mm RGB fans pushing air into the case and 2nd 420 mm radiator is mounted on the top of the case with another x3 EKWB 140 mm RGB fans.

All this is keeping this system very cool. A future upgrade will be to add GPU to the cooling loop.

The system is also using a hard tubing which needed to be cut to the right length and heated up so they could be bend but I’m sure you have figured that out lol. 


GPU in here is mounted vertically using LINKUP – Ultra PCIe 4.0 X16 Riser Cable specially tested for RTX 3090 and cooler master vertical GPU stand which came as a part of the kit with CoolerMaster C700M case.


Just to put a cherry on top of a cake, this beast is powered up by BeQuiet Dark Power 12 PRO PSU with 1500W Due to the amount of all components and overlocking this system is reaching about 1300W power draw so only imagine the heat that is being outputted into the room. FYI you don’t need central heating in the winter, this setup will get you covered.

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