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Been Producing Content Since 2017

UK Twitch Streamer and YouTube Partner


Tech nerd and PC Building enthusiast who loves building PCs on stream, sometimes drunk streams lol.


Destiny 2 Warlock main and Sherpa since very early days of Destiny 1, love raiding and helping others with PVE content as well as having a few PVP shenanigans. 


Founder of Team NightVVatch Twitch Team and D2 CLAN.

In general, just an ordinary guy who likes to meet new people and have a bit of banter going on. Also loves a bit of liquor.


Started my gaming adventure on PC around 1992 with games like Need for Speed, Doom, Wolfenstein Prehistoria and more.


Mainly stream Destiny 2 but also love some other titles like Assassins Creed – HUGE FAN!!, Uncharted, Dying Light, Resident Evil series and many more which I’m sure you will get to see on my twitch channel.



You can find more galleries from my PC building adventures.

If you are a huge tech geek like me I'm sure you will enjoy them, click away for more pics and videos.

Splash Custom PC Build

Splash Custom PC Build

DG October 5, 2021 Splash’s Custom PC Build Splash is another streamer who has reached out to me to…

Rancid Insane Custom Rig

Rancid Insane Custom Rig

DG October 5, 2021 Rancid Insane Custom PC Build Rancid Insane, what a true legend and a true friend.…

Streaming Setup

Streaming Setup

DG October 5, 2021 Building DGs Streaming Rig Want to know more about my setup? I hope you can…

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